Hello, and welcome to Machine-Centric Science. My name is Donny Winston, and I'm here to talk about the FAIR principles in practice for scientists who want to compound their impacts, not their errors. We have a bunch of potential episode types, including maybe some FAIRdowns, like website teardowns, but tearing down scholarly objects like datasets for FAIRness.

I'd obviously start with FAIRdowns of my own publications so that I can claim full responsibility for FAIRness gaps. I also might do an episode for each of the 15 principles in Box 2 of the Scientific Data 2016 publication of the FAIR principles, and of course guest interviews.

We might do some FAIR Implementation Profile discovery calls, where we can go through that 21-question sheet from go-fair.org. And also just asking people how their programs or machine agents find, access, interoperate with, and reuse or repurpose things.