Martynas Jusevičius

"The RDF graph data model...seems like the only realistic implementation at this point for the FAIR principles." "To me, FAIR data is more or less equal to Linked Data." "The software has to be built around these principles. And that's maybe quite a radical idea because for a long time, data was just like an add-on to software, right? But essentially now it's the inverse. It's the data that is at the center -- that's the data-centric paradigm." "...there has to be some kind of paradigm shift, both in how researchers see this, but also for those who develop software for researchers, that what scientific publishing produces is not just PDFs...Through fair data, we can look at scientific publishing as this huge network of research artifacts that can be navigated, explored -- as a knowledge graph naturally -- but also recombined, reused and repurposed in different things."
- Linked Data
- Project Jupyter (Notebook, Lab, etc.)
- UI Blocks: Block Protocol
- Personal Knowledge Graphs: Roam, Logseq, Obsidian
- Solid: decentralized data stores
- Resource Description Framework (RDF)
- Twitter: Martynas, AtomGraph
- LinkedDataHub (Apache-2.0 license)
- AtomGraph: Website, GitHub